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Еще одно стихотворение периода заключения в Вудстоке, написаное на стене поместья. Внизу подпись - "Сказала Елизавета узница".

O FORTUNE! how thy restless wavering State
Hath fraught with Cares my troubled Wit!
Witness this present Prison whither Fate
Hath borne me, and the Joys I quit.
Thou causedest the Guilty to be loosed
From Bands, wherewith are Innocents inclosed;
Causing the Guiltless to be strait reserved,
And freeing those that Death had well deserved:
But by her Envy can be nothing wrought,
So God send to my Foes all they have thought.

Quoth ELIZABETH prisoner.

A.D. M.D.LV.